Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flat Screen Displays - Coming to a Kitchen Near You!

Flat screen displays have infiltrated into our lives, and it is no surprise why. One look at that sleek thin profile, and truly stunning picture quality, is usually all it takes for one to be sold on this totally cool technology. Most people will agree that the real benefit to a flat screen display is its mounting flexibility. For the first time we can mount our TV s directly on a wall freeing up valuable floor space.

Perhaps the one room in our homes that can benefit the most from flat screen technology is the kitchen. People tend to gather, and spend a lot of time in their kitchens, making it the perfect spot for a TV. Unfortunately, kitchens are designed around food preparation, and therefore tend to be less than ideal areas for watching TV. Putting even a small TV on the countertop can occupy some vital real estate. Even a flat screen may take up too much space if left on a countertop stand.

But wait there is hope for even the most crowded of kitchens! Many aftermarket manufacturers specializing in display mounting hardware have devised some really great wall mounts for flat panel TV s. Brackets can be purchased that will let you mount the TV directly to the backsplash. This method will suspend the TV over the countertop, allowing full use of the counter s surface during food preparation. Some of these mounts can be extended and swiveled for even more viewing flexibility. You may choose to angle the TV towards you when working at the sink, then swivel it for viewing at the table.

The sky is the limit when it comes to mounting your flat screen display. Don t feel that you must settle for the cheap stand that came with the screen. Look around at some of the available mounting solutions designed to get the most from flat screen technology. A sleek display deserves a sleek mount.


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