Thursday, October 26, 2006

Discount Home Theater Screens

A home theater is the pride of any house. Today, the home theater has become a favorite with many people. Affordable prices have made home theaters the most wanted product in the recent times.

Home theater screens are available in different types, like manual pull down, electric, fixed frame, ceiling-recessed, tripod, truss framed, motorized, rear screens, tab-tensioned vs. tensioned vs. non tensioned, ceiling vs. wall mounted, and others. They can also be classified on the basis of their size, the material used, and the brand.

Home theaters are an indulgence. The price of the projector as well as the screen can be quite expensive. The cost of branded home theater screens can start anywhere from $500-$600. However, there are also some home theater screens that are available at a discount. There are some home theater screens from lesser-known manufacturers that are priced at around $200-$300. Most of the discount home theater screens come with advanced options such as electric control, remote control, wire 3-way controller, high effective scattered screen angle, flame retardant properties, and special masking borders. Some are these discount home theater screens are also available with a 30-day warranty. Most of them are ideal for wall as well as ceiling mounting. There are some discount screens priced as low as $69 and $79 also. These are available mostly in the 60, 72 and 84-inch categories.

Discount home theaters can be found on the Internet too. There are specific websites that include all information about the product, its picture, and reviews from customers. These reviews and the product ratings are a good way of knowing about the actual performance of the product. The screens can be compared and even ordered online directly through the local supplier.


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