Thursday, October 26, 2006

CD/DVD Duplication

Is there a marked difference between discs used to manufacture duplicate orders and those discs that are used to manufacture replicate orders?

Any company that need to produce CDs and DVDs need to understand fully the nature of the available products, their existing and future duplication requirements, and their budge prior to buying a CD DVD duplicator. There is no other cost-effective method for the mass production of discs than a CD duplicator. This equipment should be cheap and easy to use. It should not require a personal computer to operate and is unparalleled in terms of output per hour. A seven drive CD DVD duplicator tower configuration is a cost effective solution for any company that would like to produce low to mid level volumes on a day to day basis.

An automated CD DVD duplicator printer is like having a full-time employee that copies discs at no cost to you. A CDR can only be written with information once. Once you have recorded the information on the CDR, you cannot delete it. The CDRW disc differs from the CDR disc since it can be written to and erased a number of times. The general rule of thumb is that CDRW disc can be rewritten up to a thousand times.

Unlike compact disc recordable drives, the CDRW of compact disk rewriter drives can use both CDR or compact disc recordable and CDRW or compact disk rewritable discs. Information that can be recorded with a CDR or CDRW disc can be data, digital audio, and digital video. Maximum storage capacity of a CDR or CDRW is from 650-700 megabytes of data and 74-80 minutes of digital audio or video.

To answer our question posed in the introduction, there is no marked difference between DVD duplication from DVD replication in terms of reliability and quality.


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